How It Works

Overview Passionfruit 101

How to transform your hobby blog into a profitable business

Passionfruit is not an ad network

Passionfruit is an ad platform. We help you run you own ad network by handling all the technical and financial details.

Passionfruit gives you

  • 101 dash An easy way to manage what kind of ads, posts or services you want to sell.
  • 101 shop A beautiful and user-friendly "ad shop" to sell these ads right from your website.
  • 101 views A login for your sponsors to manage and track their ads with you.
  • 101 adsAn ad server that places your current ads on your website and removes them when they expire.
  • 101 cashAutomated payments right into your PayPal account every week.
  • 101 approveThe ability to approve or decline every ad sold.
  • 101 marketA huge blog marketplace so advertisers can find you.


Passionfruit does not have

  • Salesmen who sell your ads and take 30% of your revenues.
  • An application process to be accepted into.
  • 30-90 day waiting period to be paid.
  • Random, unrelated advertisements to place on your site.

Because we don't have these things, selling ads takes a bit more work. It's up to you to sell your ads. That can be accomplished and it can actually be easy but it takes some hustle.

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